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Coach Dreams: the scent of adventure…

February 20, 2020

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Finally, an olfactory signature has been created for those joyous, mischievous adventurers who are forever chasing the creation of new memories with friends.

Nestled in a sparkling case, the Coach Dreams bottle brings to mind a vintage apothecary’s vial. Like a souvenir brought home from a trip, it is a strong symbol of the sense of freedom so important in the American home.

The juice, as unique as the bottle, opens with notes of bitter orange and juicy pears. Its middle notes pulsate with tones of gardenia and cactus flower. Its long sillage, holding woody notes of Joshua Tree and Ambroxan, trails beautifully, infinitely.

The photographer and director Olivier Baron delved into this magical world to find his inspiration for the conception of the campaign for the perfume. An advertisement in which the models Jean Campbell and Binx Walton one by one fulfil their most incredible fantasies; “to kiss a cowboy”, “to go on a dinosaur safari”, and “to travel into space”.

A perfect companion for every trip, Coach Dreams is definitively, irrevocably, the scent for those who love life and love making their wildest dreams a reality.

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