Interparfums is active in the perfume and cosmetics business and specializes in prestige perfumes.

Created in 1982 by Philippe Benacin and Jean Madar, Interparfums began by developing mass-market perfumes with the creation and distribution of moderately priced eaux de toilette before shifting its strategic focus in the early 1990s to selective perfumes.

Corporate name Interparfums
Registered office 4, rond-point des Champs Élysées 75008 Paris
Date of incorporation April 5, 1989
Legal form Corporation (société anonyme) with a Board of Directors
Siret number 350 219 382 00032
Activity code 20.42Z Perfumes and toilet preparations manufacturing

The company's business purpose in France and all other countries includes:

the purchase, sale, manufacture, import and export of all products related to perfumes and cosmetics;

the use of license agreements;

• providing all services related to the above-mentioned activities;

• the company's participation by all means, directly or indirectly, in all transactions that may relate to its business purpose through the creation of new companies the contribution, subscription or purchase of company shares or rights, mergers or other, through the creation, acquisition, rental or lease management of all rights to conduct business or establishments, and through the acquisition, operation or disposal of all procedures and patents related to these activities;

• and, generally, all commercial, industrial, financial, civil, securities and real estate transactions that relate directly or indirectly to the company's business purpose or to any similar and related activities.

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