Eau de Rochas

Visionary Marcel Rochas asked Edmond Routniska to modernise the classic Eau de Cologne as early as 1948. Eau de Roche was born. In 1970, under the impulse of Hélène Rochas it was reinvented and renamed Eau de Rochas. Carved in rock, the Eau de Rochas bottle was sculptured from the erosion of cascading waterfalls surging within.

Amidst this infusion of citrus fruits and verbena float notes of freshly cut flowers – jasmine, narcissus and rose – leaving a radiant trail. Hedione, an intelligently used synthetic compound, propels the trail like a crystalline cascade which electrifies the senses. The more opulent chypre base, blending oak moss, myrrh and vetiver, gives depth to the whole and extends this distinctive freshness without ever changing it.

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