Corporate patronage

The Group contributes to associations intervening in the areas of solidarity, childhood, combating exclusion and promoting health, by providing financial assistance to support their projects and initiatives:

 Arc Foundation

A foundation devoted exclusively to cancer research.

 Tout le monde contre le cancer

A not-for-profit devoted to improving conditions for patients and their families, particularly children.

 PAH, Les Pharmaciens Humanitaires

An NGO devoted to improving access to incoming quality pharmaceutical products for the purpose of guaranteeing healthcare best adapted to vulnerable populations. The company participates in financing technical pharmaceutical support for the hospital facility Kpalimé, Togo (Hospital Centre Hospitalier Préfectoral).

 Mission Santé Asie

An NGO providing medical aid to disadvantaged populations in Asia, and in particular Cambodia.

 Fondation Paralysie Cérébrale

A foundation devoted to promoting research on cerebral palsy and improve the quality of healthcare.

 Entendre Le Monde

An NGO that provides surgical assistance and ENT medical care in developing countries.

 AEM – Les Amis des Enfants du Monde

An NGO conducting initiatives in the fields of education, nutrition health and development for children in Rwanda.


An NGO providing medical care to populations in conflict areas.

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