The love of my life…

June 7, 2020

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Like every year, Interparfums joins you in enthusiastically celebrating all mothers!

A woman’s fragrance is incredibly precious; it is like an intimate extension of her personality and of her dearest values. It is the first invisible item of clothing that she slips on in the early morning. It is a personal ritual, one that she had even before becoming a mother and one that she will continue to perform throughout her life.

A fragrance is an essential: such a personal thing that conveys so many messages… But when a fragrance is presented as a gift, it serves its finest purpose. Throughout the day, it becomes for a mother an almost secret yet so obvious hidden declaration: “I love you and I know you”.

This is why our fragrances – whether floral, chypre, citrus, oriental or woody – have always been there every day for all mums as they flourish, providing them with femininity, sensuality and character.

Discover our special selection for this memorable day: