the return of an icon

December 2, 2019

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The loss of a beloved fragrance can sometimes become something of a personal tragedy that is hard to forget.

So many women asked for the return of Byzance, which was discontinued in the 80s, that their wish was granted – or almost.

Instead of merely reviving the fragrance, a new fairytale emerges, set against the backdrop of Paris, with a redesigned bottle, a modern interpretation of French chic and a completely revisited yet still just as addictive juice.

Perfumers Maurice Roussel and Aliénor Massenet imagined an oriental floral with vibrant notes tinged with femininity and sensuality. Yet this new, fundamentally different fragrance marvellously fulfils the same role as its predecessor.

Byzance will forever be the olfactory signature of confident, daring and self-assured women.

Our muse Annabelle Belmondo – granddaughter of the actor – perfectly embodies this elegant, mischievous and conspiratorial woman. She is a truly modern woman who lives in a magical world where beauty, luxury and delight reign supreme and where she is truly in her element.

A contemporary Cinderella no longer scared of hearing the last stroke of midnight.