reveals its new French lover

February 10, 2020

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Mademoiselle Rochas has finally found her alter ego in the olfactory notes of L’Homme Rochas, the latest fragrance from the collection.

Their fairytale-like romance consists of walking through the streets of Paris, lots of tender and playful moments, and watching the sunrise on the zinc rooftops of Paris as time stands still.

The man of L’Homme Rochas, embodied by model Julien Remond, resembles this new fragrance. This daring, romantic, timeless and magnetic man leaves in his wake a unique scent of citrus notes infused with a contrasting hint of oriental spice, a fougère accord, and powerful patchouli.

Rochas once again reinvents the codes of Parisian chic without ever betraying its heritage of refinement. The Maison stays true to its relaxed, natural spirit with this new, thoroughly modern juice, designed to win over the “Mademoiselles Rochas” of this world.