A truly ICONIC Boucheron perfume

July 4,2022

Boucheron’s Quatre fragrance celebrates the success and creativity of the Quatre jewellery collection with a new olfactive composition, Quatre Iconic.

At the heart of this Eau de Parfum, created by perfumers Ane Ayo and Pierre Negrin, we find tuberose, a many-faceted flower that embodies perfumery.

In the top notes, it is associated with a spicy trio that includes mandarin, pink peppercorn and ginger. Then the tuberose unfolds, supported by an absolute of Peru balsam and a fruity hint of blackcurrant. The sillage closes with intense woody notes of cedar, patchouli and ambergris, which emphasise the voluptuous character of the flower.

In its luxurious container topped with a twist cap, which imitates the design of the sought-after ring of the same name, Quatre Iconic seamlessly integrates the Boucheron legend with elegance and modernity.