An invitation to fragrant strolls

January 11, 2022

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Just this once, Lanvin has decided to pay homage not to women but nature with its new trio of perfumes christened Les Fleurs de Lanvin. Because perfumery wouldn’t exist without it, these fragrances conceived as olfactory landscapes showcase a nature that is joyful, colourful, romantic and imaginary in equal measure.

A tale of the senses composed of three different perfumes, interpreting three different families: a fruity aquatic floral embodied by a delicate Water Lily; a citrus woody floral exalted by a daring Blue Orchid, and a musky fruity floral represented by a luminous Sunny Magnolia.

Every subtle balance of these fragrant odes has been devised and enhanced by the renowned perfumers Pierre Guéros and Alexandra Carlin.

In their Art Deco-inspired bottles, these scents already seem to summon spring.