Something good for you and our planet

June 27, 2022

Last year, Rochas created Girl, an Eau de Toilette with a vegan formula that focuses on responsibly sourced natural ingredients.

Like the original design, this new 75 ml refillable bottle has a recycled plastic cap is made from 40% PCR recycled glass obtained from collected household glass, uses a clean water-based lacquer, and is printed with water-based ink produced and sourced in France for an ultralight carbon footprint. Meanwhile the 150 ml refill, with its sleek forms, is made with 25% recycled glass. The refill’s generous 150 ml size means it can be used twice without any wastage, thanks to a smart system that automatically stops once the bottle is ready.

Using the “REFILL GOOD WITH GIRL” refill means savings of 40% less glass, 46% less plastic, 35% less card and 66% less metal.