A play on intensity

August 11, 2023

Rochas Man Intense

In it sculptured container of frosted glass, this pale pink eau de parfum intrigues. With Man Intense, Maison Rochas showcases a fragrance that has remained contemporary since its creation.

And with good reason. This version, created like the original Rochas Man, by the perfumer Maurice Roucel, is a classic yet surprises with rich amber and woody tones, and a striking warmth.

The head notes reveal a citrus duo and timeless lavender.

Both milky and creamy, its cappuccino heart, characteristic of the line, delivers an unexpected gourmet element softened by cedar wood.

Then, slightly sweet vanilla notes turn up the sensuality of the composition and elegantly express a carnal dimension.

Rochas Man Intense is an unusual perfume with the unique sillage of someone who stands out from the crowd and knows how to make an impression.