The Montblanc iconic story translated into four exclusive fragrances


July 5, 2024

Kate Spade Bloom

Montblanc, the undisputed master of writing, is extending its artistic influence with the unveiling of a collection of four timeless fragrances. This foray into the world of perfumery represents a first for the luxury House.


Each creation, the result of meticulous development and the use of exceptional raw materials, is imbued with the very essence of Montblanc. This exclusive collection offers a unique sensory experience, inviting fans of the brand to discover Montblanc in a new light, through captivating olfactory creations.


The four olfactory chapters of this collection trace different facets of Montblanc’s unique history and heritage. Each Eau de Parfum, shaped by emblematic and refined accords, reveals the codes that have elevated the House to the pinnacle of writing culture.


Black Meisterstück, a vibrant tribute to incense, skilfully blends notes of warm spices and precious woods. Patchouli Ink explores the dark, bewitching side of patchouli, tempered by musks and woody notes. Extreme Leather celebrates the leather accord in all its splendour, enveloped in softness by iris and musks. Finally, Vetiver Glacier offers an invigorating freshness, evoking the invigorating fusion of blackcurrant and lavadin.


This exclusive collection is a testament to Montblanc’s unwavering commitment to creating exceptional works of art. Each fragrance, audaciously conceived and crafted with incomparable savoir-faire, is an invitation to discover the sophisticated and captivating world of the House.